Join the Club

We provide programs and services only for our honorable members and their guests. For more details please contact with [email protected].


We are committed to educating and enriching our communities with the universal values and traditional arts embodied by Shen Yun’s revival of 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture.


Meet the Artists

Exclusive opportunity during Shen Yun’s Canada engagement, such as events to meet the artists. Also, special arrangements can be made for such interactions during the year.


Ancient wisdom lecture

Learning more about traditional Chinese culture through our Ancient Wisdom lecture series.


Classical Chinese dance classes

Classical Chinese dance classes given by Shen Yun former dancer(s) which can help build inner and outer beauty.


Meditation workshop

Learn and experience peaceful meditation practice, you will feel a strong energy field.


Cultural workshops of various topics

Provides cultural workshops on various topics, e.g. traditional tea ceremony.